Black Hole Enduro - Underground biking

Adventure out of this world, literally!

3 - 7
English, Slovene
10 km
20 m
500 m


Highlights & breaks:
  • Shuttle to the entrance of the mine
  • Enter into the mountain
  • Ride tunnels to the descending point
  • Descend on technical trail through different levels
  • Exit the trail on the other side of the mountain
  • Continue on the outside singletrack trail to the starting point
Meeting point

425, 2393 Črna na Koroškem, Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia

End point

46.512124, 14.856779

Meeting time




Gravel surface most of the way, with sections of pure limestone rock. Challenging riding on the steep and technical descends.


Most of the tour we ride inside the mountain, in century old mine tunnels. We bring light with us, using head lamps to be able to see in the pitch dark. Landscape is amazing, something you don't see every day: From narrow tunnels to large, open…


Black Hole Enduro trail is a circular trail. You book a place and we bring you with a van to the entrance of the old lead mine. Before entering the tunnel, we equip ourselves with protection; knee pads, gloves and helmet are obligatory. Full face,…

Dates and Prices

There seems to be no open dates for this Vacation. If you are interested please contact guide.

What is included

Included in price
  • Trail briefing & guiding
Optional Extras
  • Bike rental (€50.00)
  • Gear rental (€5.00)
* Contact me at least 48h ahead to add extras

What to bring

  • Required bike suspension: Full suspension
  • Bike type: Enduro
  • Required proper protection: Trail/XC helmet, Knee pads
  • Recommended proper protection: Full-face helmet, Elbow pads, Upper body/spine protection
  • Rain jacket
  • Front light
  • Helmet light
  • Toolkit
  • Water
  • Small snack
If you're not sure whether
the bike trip is right for you, whether you fit the conditions, have the right equipment or just have some question about the trip don't hesitate to
Safety First!

Riding technique


I am riding for a longer time and can tackle also bigger jumps and drops, steep sections, but have a healthy respect from going big

Physical fitness


Up and down a whole lot is what I ride, but prefer longer rides around the 50km and 2000m mark without much sweat

Please ensure your fitness level meets the requirements of the tour.


  • Need to book in advance. Usualy the tour takes place once a week. Groups are formed upon request.


  • You must get in touch with us some days before the ride. A group will be formed when there is enough of riders interested. You pay at the check/info point before the ride. You need to dress warmly since inside of the mountain is like 10 degrees celsius. Safety is first, listen to your guide, cooperate within the group.

Your guide

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