Journey into heart of Magurka

From flow through fun into gnarly shred

3 - 7
English, Polish
30 km
1600 m
1550 m


Highlights & breaks:
  • 1. Uphill by Harcerska ( asphalt road )
  • 2. Down by TW
  • 3.Uphill By Stalownik road access ( fire road )
  • 4. Down by Boxer 3 trail
  • 5. Up by harcerska
  • 6. Break on the top of the mountain - there is mountain shelter where you can buy beer /coffee/water - depends on what kind of rider you are ;p
  • 7. Down by X line - Hard trails
  • 8.Little break in the bottom of the mountain and again up by Harcerska
  • 9. Down by twixter
  • 10. End of trip small celebrating of awesome day!
Meeting point

Harcerska, 43-365 Wilkowice, Sliezske vojvodstvo, Poľsko

End point

Parking ul Harcerska - Wilkowice

Meeting time




Narrow single trails are made by myself and the hands of our local trailbuilders. Terrain is mixed - roots/rocks stones – everything you can think of on a trail to be honest.


Trails are best suited for intermediate/good riders and experts . It doesnt mean that beginners can’t ride it - you will just have less fun and maybe struggle a bit from time to time.


Trails at Magurka are nicely varied in spite of terrain and obstacles. You can find one long rockgarden, a lot of roots, technical traverses and a few steep sections. Corners with berms and off-camber turns (those dominate so its a good opportunity…


Loam trails deep in a mixed forest.


During this bike ride we will also have an opportunity to stop for a while on 3 really nice viewpoints where we will be able to see the whole of Bielsko, Skrzyczne and Klimczok mountain and, if the weather is good also the Tatry mountains.

Points of interest

During the ride on a fire access road we will see an old abandoned Hospital, which is huge. It looks creepy and I can tell you a story why it is not operating anymore for quite some time.

Fun fact

There are 3 ways to get onto the top of Magurka. We will hit two of those but if the group will agree - we can hit the third option too! The asphalt road ride is short but quite steep, fire road is not soo steep, but a little bit longer ( and you…

Dates and Prices

There seems to be no open dates for this Vacation. If you are interested please contact guide.

What is included

Included in price
  • Trail briefing & guiding
  • Quick bike check
  • First Aid kit

What to bring

  • Required bike suspension: Hardtail, Full suspension
  • Required proper protection: Full-face helmet, Knee pads
  • Recommended proper protection: Full-face helmet, Knee pads, Upper body/spine protection
  • Water
  • Small snack
  • You can buy during: Water, Small snack, Full meal
If you're not sure whether
the bike trip is right for you, whether you fit the conditions, have the right equipment or just have some question about the trip don't hesitate to
Safety First!

Riding technique


My technique allows me to tackle most regular obstacles on a trail, berms, small tables, gaps or drops, but I have still some way to go to feel entirely confident

Physical fitness


Riding around is what I like most, ideally for about 30-40km and I can get up to 1500 height meters without my legs giving out

Please ensure your fitness level meets the requirements of the tour.


  • 1. Please before booking send me a message to make sure that the date which you want to reserve is available.
  • 2. Don’t be late please.
  • 3. Make sure that you have some spare parts as for example a tube, and a basic tool just in case.
  • 4.Have at least a good helmet, googles/glasses and knee pads.
  • 5. Take some snacks and something to drink


  • This route isn’t the easiest one - during the ride the group can decide how much uphill will be done, so that there is not too much of elevation. So don’t worry about it :D

Your guide

Olaf O