Old miners trails

Connecting different old trails once used by miners

2 - 8
42 km
1200 m
1200 m


Highlights & breaks:
  • 1. strart in town center
  • 2. pedal up on a scenic road towards the first trail
  • 3. gravel road further, higher up
  • 4. descend on a trail / combination of differnet trails
  • 5. another shorter climb to the next trail
  • 6. rest stop for a snack/lunch, fill the water
  • 7. another short climb to the final trail
  • 8. longer descend all the way down to the bottom
  • 9. enjoy that end of the ride drink
Meeting point

425, 2393 Črna na Koroškem, Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia

End point

46.470401247133594, 14.85003521647416

Meeting time




We are lucky to use some of those old trails on our tour. Spruce & pine tree needles, blueberry bush and heather flowers make our trail feel very natural. Challenging factor can be found on steeps and rooty sections.


Our tour is at the edge of the Alps and majority of the tour is in the tree line. Spruce and pine trees cover most of the area where mining was done back in the days. Mining is long gone, but the heritage and the trails connecting different mine…


Not only we ride past some what used to be entrances to the old mine tunnels. There is a special tour, where you can actualy ride inside the mountain. On this tour we will pass by one of those entrances into the dark tunnels. You can feel the cold…

Dates and Prices

There seems to be no open dates for this Vacation. If you are interested please contact guide.

What is included

Included in price
  • Trail briefing & guiding
  • Group Tour Photo/s
  • First Aid kit
  • Toolkit
Optional Extras
  • Transport to/from event with bike (€30.00)
  • GoPro video + cut (€100.00)
  • Bike rental (€50.00)
  • Gear rental (€5.00)
  • Individual tour/skills training course (€100.00)
* Contact me at least 48h ahead to add extras

What to bring

  • Required bike suspension: Full suspension
  • Bike type: All-mountain/Trail, Enduro
  • Required proper protection: Any helmet, Knee pads
  • Recommended proper protection: Any helmet, Knee pads
  • Rain jacket
  • Toolkit
  • Spare tire
  • Water
  • Small snack
  • You can buy during: Water, Small snack, Full meal
If you're not sure whether
the bike trip is right for you, whether you fit the conditions, have the right equipment or just have some question about the trip don't hesitate to
Safety First!

Riding technique


I am riding for a longer time and can tackle also bigger jumps and drops, steep sections, but have a healthy respect from going big

Physical fitness


Riding around is what I like most, ideally for about 30-40km and I can get up to 1500 height meters without my legs giving out

Please ensure your fitness level meets the requirements of the tour.


  • Cancelation is possible 2 full day in advance. The group is formed with other individuals with similar riding skills and consists of a maximum of 8 people per guide (Slovenian Cycling Federation standard). Our guides are licensed with yearly updated licenses issued by Slovenian Cycling Federation.


  • Option also for a comnination of shuttle and pedal day. Chances to fill water on the way/drinkable water from the nature. Recommended to bring a snack. Personal protection is required (helmet, knee guards,..). Since we ride in Alps, weather is a changeable factor, please check the weather with the guide the day before/rain jacket could come handy. Guide carries 1st aid and basic tools. Option to visit mt.hut on the way, lunch money recommended (10).

Your guide

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