Up and around the Mount Sodadura

It´s worth the effort to climb, payback time is downhill

4 - 8
English, Italian, Swedish
26 km
1300 m
1300 m


Highlights & breaks:
  • 1. Shuttle to the starting point
  • 2. Lunch break with genuine food from the region
  • 3. Viewpoint 1900 meters
  • 4. Mount Sodadura
  • 5. Rolling through the Taleggio valley
  • 6. Ending up with a Aperitivo in the historical town San Pellegrino Terme
Meeting point

Via Pizzino 20, 24010 Taleggio Bergamo, Italy

End point

San Pellegrino Terme

Meeting time




Stones, rocks and gravel and beautiful paths over the green meadows.


Mountains, mountains and always mountains! After pedalling around 1000 hm, the trails starts on heights around 2000 m. The natural paths goes along the ridge and wide grean meadows until we go winding downhill along the mountainside.


This is a non-touristic area with genuine and natural trails. We pass the local refugees and stop for a great Italian lunch. Rolling down towards the narrow valley of Taleggio and end the tour with a aperitivo in the famous San Pellegrino Terme.…

Dates and Prices


What is included

Included in price
  • Trail briefing & guiding
  • Group Tour Photo/s
  • Small snack
Optional Extras
  • Transport to/from event with bike (€50.00)
  • Bike rental (€40.00)
  • E-bike rental (€50.00)
* Contact me at least 48h ahead to add extras

What to bring

  • Required bike suspension: Full suspension
  • Bike type: All-mountain/Trail, E-Bike
  • Required proper protection: Trail/XC helmet
  • Recommended proper protection: Full-face helmet, Elbow pads, Knee pads, Back protection/backpack, Upper body/spine protection
  • Rain jacket
  • Toolkit
  • Spare brake pads
  • Water
  • Small snack
  • You can buy during: Full meal
If you're not sure whether
the bike trip is right for you, whether you fit the conditions, have the right equipment or just have some question about the trip don't hesitate to
Safety First!

Riding technique


My technique allows me to tackle most regular obstacles on a trail, berms, small tables, gaps or drops, but I have still some way to go to feel entirely confident

Physical fitness


Riding around is what I like most, ideally for about 30-40km and I can get up to 1500 height meters without my legs giving out

Please ensure your fitness level meets the requirements of the tour.


  • * Bookings are possible to cancel 7 days before riding without cost.
  • * Thereafter; 6-3 days before 25% of the cost, 2-1 day 100% payment.


  • * Due to safety and weather conditions the trip to the mountains could be cancelled by the organizer with full re-payment
  • * Let us know your preferences for your accommodation and we´ll be happy to sort something out.
  • * There is great possibilities to combine a freeride tour with a day-ticket to our bike park.

Your guide

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