Zagreb ENDURO experience

Enduro Trail Park located 10min drive from city center

2 - 7
18 km
800 m
800 m




Highlights & breaks:
  • Easy uphill with shuttle option
  • Natural spring water
  • 6 different difficulty level trails
  • Experienced local guide
  • Viewpoint on city of Zagreb at the top
  • The best local COLD beer
Meeting point

Okretište Mihaljevac, Mlinovi, Zagreb, Zagreb 10000, Croatia

End point

Same as starting point

Meeting time




Trail surface is dirt with roots and just few rocks on some parts. A lot of elements like berms, jumps, off cambers... Each trail has around 200 evelation meters. Shuttle option!


6 different flowy, well maintained trails. Located in dense forest, all connected by one smooth, not too steep, gravel road following natural creek.


At the end of ride we can go to one of the best local brewery/restorant located 10min drive from trail park. Great food and even better beer for fair price!

Dates and Prices

There seems to be no open dates for this Vacation. If you are interested please contact guide.

What is included

Included in price
  • Trail briefing & guiding
  • Group Tour Photo/s
  • Small snack
  • First Aid kit
  • Toolkit
Optional Extras
  • Transport to/from event with bike (€5.00)
  • GoPro video + cut (€90.00)
  • Bike rental (€30.00)
  • Shuttle per person (minimum 4) (€15.00)
* Contact me at least 48h ahead to add extras

What to bring

  • Required bike suspension: Hardtail, Full suspension
  • Required proper protection: Trail/XC helmet
  • Recommended proper protection: Trail/XC helmet, Elbow pads, Knee pads
  • Water
  • Small snack
  • You can buy during: Water
If you're not sure whether
the bike trip is right for you, whether you fit the conditions, have the right equipment or just have some question about the trip don't hesitate to
Safety First!

Riding technique


My technique allows me to tackle most regular obstacles on a trail, berms, small tables, gaps or drops, but I have still some way to go to feel entirely confident

Physical fitness


I like to take it slowly, without a rush, I can go for 2-3 hours in a normal pace up to 20km and climb about 500 height meters

Please ensure your fitness level meets the requirements of the tour.


  • Experienced local guide in good physical shape.


  • We can extend or shorten our tour, all by arrangement with other riders.

Your guide

Ivo J