Hello, I'm Olaf O.

Quick Intro

Helloo Ladsss ! My name is Olaf, im 26 yo. I thought that bike will be my passion but it turned out that Enduro and DH took controle over my life and it feels good. If you want to see pice of my world and place where i ride - jump in and lets goo !


Norco Sight A1 but only frame and susp is stock :D

Riding Style

Rough, fast and tight !

Favorite spot

San Remo


People like to say that Polish and Czech language are simillar - for exemple - Szukać - mean in Polish - looking for and in Czech - want to make love with somebody. So better to not belive what people says :D


Since 2020


Pasta make you faster

Fun Fact

Hmm - At the beggining of my journey i used to think that the real name of commencal is COMERCIAL but by the time i saw that im wrong. Well at the begginng we all makes stiupid misteakes and we can easilly embarras ourself. I wasnt an exception i guess ;)

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