Hello, I'm Adrian Baltyn .




Rocky Mountain BC edition

Riding Style

My riding background comes from motocross and enduro, therefore I'm always up for riding fast, best from dask to dawn.

Quick Intro

Hi there, I'm Adrian, the owner of IZERSKY COLLECTIVE. Since my childhood I live in the mountains, and always my time is filled up with sport activities in the woods. I love to explore new places, best when combined with shredding some pow on skies, or hitting the trail on the bike. I've traveled the world to see amazing places, now I'd love to show my beautiful region with style and passion! Join me for a great adventure.

Favorite spot

Local Spots in Izery and Karkonosze. Would love to explore British Columbia.

Fun Fact

Until I moved out for a couple of years from the mountains, where I had my enduro motorbike, I always said that bicycles sucks.. Then I looked for a handy alternative, that I can keep in my room - didn't need much time to fall in love with bikes :D and now it's a part of me!

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